Kelly Corona

Yes, I named this Corona concoction after myself. Before you think, “okay narcissist,” let me say, I really don’t know what else to call it, because our Rodeo friends actually refer to it as a “Kelly Corona” now.

I’m so passionate about this beer style that I even wore a beer salt necklace (made for me by our good pal Kyle) an entire rodeo weekend, spreading the magic to all fellow Corona lovers. See, passionate.


The whole beer salt obsession started in Texas, when man Kelly bought me flavored “beer salt” he found at a gas station. Yes, beer salt has been around forever, but this particular brand has changed my beverage life (I even use it with sparkling water sometimes). It’s made it Texas, and all their flavors are amazing. We have to hide it from our daughter- she would eat an entire container of this sour salt if we let her.


It only took one dash of the lime flavor, and I was a believer. My hunky hubby loved it too. Pretty soon I was adding more and more salt whenever we’d have a Corona. Soon, the upper portion of our beer bottles looked like a snow cone because I couldn’t get enough. Unfortunately, I sometimes looked like an ol’ cow licking a salt block. It’s worth every weird look, I promise.

**If there is anyone else out there who makes them just like this- cheers to a salty, wonderful fellowship!**

So, without further ado, here it is…the best Corona you’ll ever have.

You’ll need:

  • ICE COLD bottled Corona.
  • 1/2 a lemon (you can use the traditional lime too, but lemon is a bit sweeter and juicier)
  • LIME flavored Twang Beer Salt


Start by slicing up a lemon (semi thin so you can fit them into the bottle)


Squeeze the juice from 2-3 slices into the bottle. The more juice, the less skunk.


Put the squeezed slices into the bottle. Look at the juicy pieces of lemon around the rim. I am officially salivating.


Now take another slice of lemon, and rub the entire bottle neck, and “SHOULDERS” with it. This is the glue for the salt, so be generous


While the bottle neck is covered in lemon juice, quickly start salting it. I twist it in my hand while pouring it on….like crazy. You want a RIDICULOUS amount of salt


See, RIDICULOUS. It’s coated in a thick, lemony layer of tangy salt.


Now you are ready to lick, swig, repeat. This amount of salt will last you the entire beer. This way is a lot better than pouring the salt IN the beer, in opinion. No bubbling overflow, and every sip is freshly sour/salty













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