Ranch Pork Chops

I’ve been in a cooking funk the last couple weeks. It’s been crazy hot. Like, bake cookies inside your car hot. We’ve also been really busy, and by the time I realize we should eat something- it’s 9pm, still light outside, and my child is in the corner already eating…crayons.

After ten straight nights of frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets, and hot pockets, I finally decided I needed to “cook” a dinner again.  Actually, I just ran out of sodium soaked freezer food and was forced to thaw out some pork chops.

My go-to when I don’t feel like cooking a time consuming dinner, are ranch pork chops. Pork is my least favorite meat, but these are so good. They are make ’em for dinner guests good. Easy, juicy, ranch-ey, lazy good. My man friend loves ranch dressing as much as I love cheese/Channing, so it’s a win for him, and our picky kid will even eat an entire chop, with no prompting.

*They are ahhmazing with with an alfredo pasta and steamed broccoli, but frozen peas and rice-a-roni were all I had on hand. Lazy? Yes. Avoiding a trip to the store? Absolutely.

What you’ll need:


  • Pork chops (I prefer the thinner, boneless ones for faster cooking and more flavor)
  • Ranch dressing
  • Garlic and herb bread crumbs (regular and/or panko style – depending on the crunch level you want)



Pour some ranch dressing on a plate. As you can see, I am going with my fine dixie china


Now fill a plate with the bread crumbs. I mixed the panko style with the regular – it makes me feel fancier


Coat the pork chops in the ranch…

IMG_20170718_211117Toss the ranch-ey pork in the bread crumbs, getting a nice crumb coat


Put them in a glass baking dish (lined with foil if you’re still on the lazy train with me) and bake them at 415 degrees for about 20 mins. I’ve done really thin chops that only took 15 mins.

**The ones I cooked here are thicker than I usually like, so I had to bake them for about 40 mins. Regardless, I ALWAYS cut one open in the middle to check the done-ness. You don’t want to mess around with piggie meat. There is a fine line between food poisoning and rubber tire. They should be juicy, but the juices should be clear.


In the last 10 mins of cooking, I put some gorganzola cheese crumbles on my chop because cheese is my life. At this point, I was really wishing I had made those alfredo noodles.


So, there you have it. An easy, yummy dinner that takes minimal prep time, but with all the flavor of a slaved over meal.

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