805 Kabobs

I’m late to the local beer party, but better late than never. I sat in our backyard, watched the sunset, sipped my first 805 and smiled, as visions of Paso danced in my head. By the time that bottle was empty, I wanted to use it on everything; steaks, seafood, cheerios, Channing Tatum.

“Honey, we aren’t having frozen party pizza for dinner afterall! I have an idea!” My happy, single-beer buzzed self trotted into the kitchen to find something 805 worthy. I found sirloin. Bingo. Red onion, bell peppers, pineapple…dang, no mushrooms. If only I had the mushrooms.

Now what? Ah, Butter. Garlic salt. Duh, brah. Melted butter in a dish, added some salt… and some glorious 805. Took a swig of beer. One for you, one for me.


I cut up the pineapple (managing not to cut off my hand in the process, for those of you concerned about me holding a knife at this point).

The pineapple chunks went into a jacuzzi of 805 to do a little soaky soak whilst I sliced and diced the other stuff. *No, I don’t have a picture of them in the bowl. Please use your imagination, my brain was in the 805 somewhere

Next came the assembly of the Kay-Bobs


Covered with the beer/butter/garlic salt mixture…


Now, grill baby, grill.


they were so juicy, so flavorful, so summer, so 805. Give them a try!



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