Oysters Rockefeller

When we go out for seafood, my man friend always orders us (me) oysters on the half shell 'cause he knows I LOVE 'em...and he probably thinks they'll make me a little lovey, too (If he only knew it was actually his choking them down on a cracker, smothered in cocktail sauce, while making cute… Continue reading Oysters Rockefeller


Sea Scallops in Cajun Cream Sauce

This week we got a new bed. An adult bed! A king sized, a non-a-hand-me-down, amazing, long wished for, we-are-in-our-thirties, adult bed. It's a Tempurpedic, which means we were given the option to finance, or give our first born child as payment. Lucky for our bank account, our spines fell in love with one of… Continue reading Sea Scallops in Cajun Cream Sauce