Amber Cooper’s Texas Sweet Tea

In Texas, sweet tea is important. It’s like a religion…along with George Strait and football. You haven’t been in a real Texas home if they don’t have a batch of dark, sticky, sweet tea in their fridge.

Here in California, we do sun tea, or as I’ve come to realize, sissy tea. Ya know, a couple tea bags into a jug of water, where the sunshine does the brew work over a couple hours. It’s usually mild in color/flavor, and most of us drink it unsweetened, in our perfect summer weather, crying over our high income taxes. Just so you know, If you tried to make sun tea in Texas, the water would boil, then evaporate in 32 seconds.

Amber is the Mother of two active boys, wife to a full time rodeo cowboy, and an all-around amazing Texas gal. I really could write a whole novel on all the reasons why I love ‘er. She (and her family) are one of the many reasons why Texas is so enjoyable for us, and why we look forward to going back. She was kind enough to share her tea making ways with us while we stayed at their place during a hail storm this spring. After hearing my husband chirp, “This stuff is AMAZING” thirty seven times in one day, I knew I needed to bring it on home to Cali.

It’s become quite popular in our house. People show up and say “do you have any of that tea?” My husband and his buddies drink it straight, the Tejas way. As for me, still being the California sissy I am, mix it half and half with ice water. It is DEVINE.

Recipe makes 3 quarts of tea

*I double the recipe because it doesn’t last very long in our house

Amber Cooper’s Texas Sweet Tea

  • 3 quarts water + 2 cups for boiling tea
  • 3 black tea bags
  • 2 cups granulated sugar

Start out with quality black tea


In that smallest sauce pan you have, boil 3 bags of tea (one bag per quart) in 2 cups of the water.


Boil 3 mins, remove from heat. Cover, and let the tea sit overnight. Yes, overnight.


You’ll wake up to magic-potion-looking, condensed tea amazing-ness, that a horseshoe will stand up in


Now add the sugar into the water


Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved


Finally, add the tea to the sugar water, stir it all together and store in the fridge!


Ahhhh…. now sit back, sip, and enjoy YA’LL!







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