California B.E.C.K.Y.

What's this? "Its a Becky. Try it, you'll like it," my future husband insists. He tells me what Becky stands for: Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Ketchup, and Yellow Mustard, on a sesame seed bun. "Oh, Okay" I said, pretending like that sounded good, not weird. I reluctantly took a bite, trying to look cute and not… Continue reading California B.E.C.K.Y.


Amber Cooper’s Texas Sweet Tea

In Texas, sweet tea is important. It's like a religion...along with George Strait and football. You haven't been in a real Texas home if they don't have a batch of dark, sticky, sweet tea in their fridge. Here in California, we do sun tea, or as I've come to realize, sissy tea. Ya know, a… Continue reading Amber Cooper’s Texas Sweet Tea