Smiles over stilettos

I’m not a “fashionista” and I never will be. Dagummit.

I like sleep. I loath shopping. I would rather snooze an extra hour than have to get up early to look amazing. I’m okay with cute. Dirty old ball caps save me and my greasy hair often. My T-shirts are from Target, my flip flops are Wal-mart, and my manicure is done by me, horribly.  I won’t spend money on a Louis Vuitton, and even if I did, you wouldn’t catch me taking it to a dirty jackpot roping. I’d rather fall into an expensive cheese and wine coma.

Don’t get me wrong- I appreciate trendy fashion, expensive labels, dressing to kill every waking moment, and all that. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with it, wish I was better at it! But let’s be real. Women dress up for other women.  Men do not care (or know squat) about “fashion.” At least the cowboys I roll with don’t. My husband doesn’t know what’s on point, on fleek, on trend. He thinks Vera Wang is a dude. He doesnt know if my jeans cost $5 or $500… but he does know my heart. Cheesy, right?

He knows I will always be kind and friendly to people I pass by or meet when he takes me to an event, no matter who they are. He knows I’m trustworthy in a room (or arena) full of men. He knows he can send a buddy’s wife or girlfriend over to our camp, and I will welcome her. I make a real effort to smile at strangers, say “excuse me, thank you,” and make sure our daughter isn’t running amok, terrorizing other kids or parents.

It really doesn’t matter how you dress or what you own, or who’s wife you are, as long as you don’t become too wrapped up in it and forget what’s under all of it. Just You. We’ve all heard, “Beauty is on the inside,” yeah, yeah-  but it’s so true. If you rarely smile, are always huddled up in a gossip pit (whether you’re wearing Chanel or Wal-Mart), that’s what you’re known for.

The most important part in all this blabber, are the little girls. My kid doesn’t match most of the time, she has a mullet and dirt behind her ears. She doesn’t know that yet, so she doesn’t care. She is sweet, polite and has a kinder heart than anyone I know. So much so, that I worry she’s too sensitive. I dread the day another little girl comments on her off brand jeans, or makes fun of her for something. I hated that myself as a kid, but I know it’s bound to happen- especially in today’s appearance obsessed world.

So, Moms – just remember, your kids are a reflection of YOU. If they act like self-entitled, better-than-you little devils, guess what? You’re either modeling it, or allowing it. They mimic what they see Mommy doing and saying. Our kids are blank pages in a book you were given the gift of writing. I don’t want to be writing that book with a superficial theme that being beautiful, powerful, or owning fancy whatever-it-may-be creates a beautiful person. I don’t want her to look down on someone for their “fashion” choices or feel superior to others because of hers.

She may grow up and enjoy the fancier things in life, crave shopping, and love to see her money hanging in her closet. That is perfectly fine by me. I just hope she will remember that she was raised to respect and be kind to everyone, and that kindness and smiles will always mean more to people than the prettiest pair of stilettos.

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