First blog post

“This is where you tell readers why you started this blog, and what you plan to do with it”

I uhhh…?

Well, I love to write. Fashion isn’t high on my list of priorities, and I don’t sell those skincare products, detox potions, or awesome lipsticks that don’t come off during a smooch with yo’ man. But I can help you survive living in a horse trailer/RV, potty train an 18 month old, and cook a few meals that will win over a whole herd of ropers and maybe a few city boys.

I like food. Taking pictures is fun. I’m sarcastic. My husband drives me crazy, in good and bad ways equally, and my kiddo brings me mega joy. My life…is juggling life. Basically, I’m like every other hot (mess) Mama blogging in America. I needed an outlet, capeesh? Something more serious than snapchat, but not as tedious as scrapbooking. Plus, I can pretend I’m Carrie Bradshaw this way. So pour a glass of wine, or crack a corona (with lime and salt, please) and enjoy the randomness.

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